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Parking Control System

Parking Control System is a type of an access control systems can be installed in homes, units, apartments and office buildings, really any location where there is a need to manage or restrict access into a specific location. For example, an access control system can be programmed for access to garages in unit blocks, entry into apartment and commercial buildings, access to elevators and levels within elevators in domestic apartments and commercial buildings.

Furthermore, Parking Control System streamlines your business by providing keyless entry of vechile to your premises, identifies the individuals that enter your premises and/or certain areas and at which time.

Need To Secure Your Parking Spaces?

A1Gates & Access Systems is able to provide car park owners with a full service offering; consulting, designing, installation, to ongoing quality management of a fully automated and profitable car parking solution for any small or large car park.

By combining state-of-the-art software with revolutionary design Brisbane Automatic Gate Systems will provide the best solution to maximise your revenue potential.

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