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A1Gates Fencing is an operated deck builder and fencing contractor in Bay Area. We live in the areas we service and as such provide nothing but the highest quality service and crafts-manship. We believe a personal reference is the absolute best way to obtain new business, so we approach every fence or deck job as an opportunity to grow our business.

No matter what type of outdoor construction you need to enhance the beauty of your yard, A1Gates can help. Contact us today for your free estimate. Call us at 800-570-1277 to schedule your Free Estimate for all of your Fencing needs.

  • Redwood Fencing :
  • Redwood Fencing is beautiful woods that have many properties that make them perfect for building a sturdy, long-lasting fence. These woods are durable and maintain their form over the years by resisting rot, insects, weather, and warping. A1Gates can help you find exactly the redwood or cedar materials you need to build the perfect fence!

  • Vinyl Fencing :
  • Vinyl fences have become more popular because they are extremely low maintenance and never deteriorate over time. They are easy to clean and, of course, never fall victim to the elements, such as insects and weather. A1Gates is the Bay Area’s authorized distributor of vinyl fencing and we can supply in whatever size and quantity you need!

  • Metal & Iron Fencing :
  • Some fencing projects call for a different type of material, such as metal. A1Gates specializes in the fabrication and sale of ornamental or decorative iron fencing, including gates, railings, and spiral staircases. Our iron fences are custom crafted and come in a variety of designs, from basic to very elaborate.

  • Chain Link Fencing :
  • In addition to iron and aluminum fencing, A1Gates provides a large inventory of chain-link, or cyclone, fence materials to choose from. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain, and we also offer shade fabric for extra privacy. We also carry a variety of accessories, such as rails, posts, fittings and hardware for all your fencing needs.

What We Do

Thousands have trusted their landscape to us to design a fencing image that further enhances their property. We tailor make our fences for you with #1 premium material to ensure beauty and longevity.

  • Quality :
  • While other companies sell cheap materials and cut corners on their construction quality to offer lower prices, we refuse to compromise on quality of your fences.

  • Value :
  • A1Gates Fencing sets the standard for value by providing the highest quality products and services at the best price. When others compete at our level of quality, their prices are inevitably higher.

  • Consistency :
  • In a high-turnover business, our average employee longevity is 10 years. This depth of experience results in consistently superior products and services of fences.

  • Reliability :
  • We conduct our business in strict adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards. A1Gates Fencing is fully insured with workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

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