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Looking for Doors Installation, Repair and Services?

From many years A1Gate has been servicing and repairing all types of industrial and commercial doors in San Francisco, Bay Area. From warehouse doors and entrance doors to specialty and hangar doors, you can be confident that we have a cost-effective solution for your minor repair needs or for your large renovation or improvement project.

We provide service to a variety of businesses such as hospitals, grocery stores, drug stores, office complexes, hotels, shopping malls, department stores, convenience stores, restaurants, clean rooms, banks and government buildings.

Here at A1Gate, we do our very best to make sure that we cover all of your commercial and industrial door needs.

Our commitment to our customers in providing quality solutions through planning, service, and repair has afforded us a solid reputation throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

A1Gate Door Types:-

  • Roll-Up Doors :
  • Roll-up doors are commonly used to secure everything from warehouses and airplane hangars to concession stands, storage units, and storefronts. There are several manufacturers and models to fit any budget. Roll-up doors often have very little maintenance when operated and maintained properly. These doors roll up into a coil to help save space and will not interfere with other interior building structures.


    • Service Doors
    • Side Coiling Partitions
    • Fire / Smoke Doors
    • Motor Operators
    • Insulated Doors
    • Mini Storage
    • Counter Shutters
    • High Cycle Doors
    • Options/Hardware
  • Overhead Doors :
  • Overhead doors are widely used in applications with low headroom clearance or where insulation, with soundproofing, and vision lights are needed. Sectional doors are available in standard aluminum, steel, fiberglass or with full-vision panels. Replacement parts such as rollers, hinges, slide locks and tracks are often common for door repairs. Overhead doors can also be motorized for easy and safe operation.


    • Hanger Doors
    • Horizontal Sliding Doors
    • Steel Wood Sectional Doors
    • Bi-Folding Doors
    • Vertical Lift Doors
    • Telescoping Doors
    • Insulated Doors
  • Hollow Metal & Woods Doors :
  • Hollow Metal Doors provide uniform quality, durability, and security while reducing concerns for weathering that would deteriorate normal wood doors. Hollow metal doors are available with insulation and/or vision kits depending on your needs.


    • Hollow Metal Fire Doors
    • Wood Doors
    • Access Control
    • Corrosion Resistant Doors & Frames
    • Door Hardware Options
  • Entrance & Glass Doors :
  • Glass entrance doors can be configured to fit many openings from storefronts to back warehouses. They can also be fitted with many security access options. Glass doors are available with wood or aluminum framing. Frameless doors are also available when a cosmetic appeal is a preference. These doors come with any type of hardware from standard handles and closers to automated closers, access controls, and custom handles. There is also hardware available for high traffic entrances or where the wind is a factor.


    • Glass and Aluminum Doors
    • Frameless Glass Door
    • Door Options and Hardware
    • Door Access Controls

    We will go to your business and replace a small number of doors and hardware or take on a multi-level apartment complex with hundreds of units.

    Our staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable, so you’re in good hands.

What We Do

Thousands have trusted their landscape to us to design a door image that further enhances their property. We tailor make our doors for you with #1 premium material to ensure beauty and longevity.

  • Quality :
  • While other companies sell cheap materials and cut corners on their construction quality to offer lower prices, we refuse to compromise on the quality of your doors.

  • Value :
  • A1Gates door sets the standard for value by providing the highest quality products and services at the best price. When others compete at our level of quality, their prices are inevitably higher.

  • Consistency :
  • In a high-turnover business, our average employee longevity is 10 years. This depth of experience results in consistently superior products and services of your doors.

  • Reliability :
  • We conduct our business in strict adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards. A1Gates Door is fully insured with workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

Whatever type of door you have, A1Gate will provide responsive service, quality repairs, and cost-effective solutions to keep your business safe and secure.

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